Monday, June 4, 2012

Old School New Body Review


Over the years, you have most likely spent lots of money on exercise and diet programs that did not produce the results they promised. 

So, naturally, you do not want to spend any more on useless programs, right?

I can relate. I have spent a ton of dough on worthless exercise books, diet books, programs, and magazines, as well as dietary supplements and exercise equipment.

Sometimes though, you come across an excellent program. That is exactly what Old School New Body is!
This program will teach you how to exercise and eat to build muscle and lose body fat in the quickest time. And, at its extremely low sales price, it is an absolute steal!

For the wealth of knowledge in this program, the price could be doubled or even tripled, and in fact I believe its price will double in the near future.

That is worth repeating, Old School New Body is a total bargain. Not only is the content of the book solid, but it comes with a bunch of free bonuses that are absolute gems! Really, it is worth buying Old School New Body simply for the freebies.

Four free reports are included, which contain cutting-edge advice for burning body fat, building muscle, boosting sex drive, slowing the aging process, and improving general well-being.

For instance, the report about burning body fat will inform you how to use heat to speed fat burning, why sleeping naked can improve leanness, what dessert can help fire up your metabolism, and which nutrients and foods can get you ripped, among many other excellent tips.

While the report about sex and anti-aging will reveal amazing wrinkle-reduction nutrients, 6 keys to add years to your life, and an herb that can increase hair growth, a specific activity that heightens her sex drive, how to make arousal soar with one touch, an aphrodisiac vegetable and dessert, and much more.

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PLUS Over $175 in Free Motivational And Instructional Audio Interviews!

Not only do you get four excellent free reports when you buy Old School New Body, but you also get 5 free audio interviews which have been valued at over $175.

The free audio contains candid interviews with renowned fitness models, fat loss experts, muscle building experts, and motivational speakers. For instance, in one audio interview, you get to listen to natural bodybuilder and best-selling diet and exercise author Tom Venuto talk about how to get in the greatest shape of your life.

            Tom Venuto

Tom's fat loss secrets are legendary and in high demand around the world. Now, you could buy Tom’s book Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle, which would be money very well spent, or you could simply listen to the free audio included with the purchase of Old School New Body and learn not only what Tom does, but how he does it, day in and day out.

“Becky and I are supremely confident that we're giving you the                absolute BEST workout system ever developed”.

Old School New Body is written by husband and wife fitness duo Steve and Becky Holman. Both being over 50 years of age, they have no time to waste on ineffective training and eating. Take a look at their photos and you can judge for yourself whether or not they know how to eat and exercise properly.

Unlike so many in the fitness industry, Steve and Becky walk the walk. People in their 20s and 30s would like to look like them now, let alone when they are 50 years or older.

The diet and exercise principles laid out in detail
in Old School New body will work for anyone,
regardless of how young or how old you are.

As the Editor-in-Chief of one of the oldest and most popular fitness publications, Steve is aware of and has tired virtually every technique that promises to strip body fat and build muscle in minimum time. So, he knows what really does and does not work!

Steve has also had the opportunity to learn the secrets of many legendary trainers, including the late Vince Gironda, who was famous for getting movie stars like Clint Eastwood, Carl Weathers (Apollo Creed from the Rocky films), and Suzanne Summers in shape for films and less than two weeks!

In conclusion, an excellent book that comes with four free information-packed reports, not to mention five free killer audio interviews. All of this for a measly $27! But, it won’t stay at that price for long. And, once you buy this program, you will find out why – it is worth a lot more than that price!

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  1. I ordered this book earlier today. You are right, it is excellent. And, i had no idea it even existed. I learned about it from your blog which i found through mark's daily apple where you posted a comment. Sweet. Thanks!